To zero, from zero.

Key Message

To zero, from zero.
The environment and the excitement of the future.

Tokyu Construction aims to achieve a sustainable society for the next generation, with the goal of zero carbon and zero waste. Furthermore, we aim to become a company that brings excitement to all by providing services beyond the scope of construction that move people’s hearts.

About us

With the mission of transforming the construction business and creating new businesses,
the Tokyu Const Innovation Fund aims to create innovation by fusing the technologies and
businesses cultivated by Tokyu Construction with new technology ideas
so that we can grow together with our startup customers.

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Support from Tokyu Construction

Tokyu Construction generously provides its resources cultivated through experience in urban development and infrastructure construction inside and outside Japan, and also provides wide-ranging support
in areas including implementing business in society,
developing technology and expanding markets.

Global Brain

Support from Global Brain

This group of dedicated professionals provides
business support in a wide range of areas,
from strategy to operations to exit support.

[ Mission ]

Transforming the Construction Business

By transforming construction production systems using innovative digital technologies and business models,
we will strive to improve productivity, safety, and quality, and reduce the burden on the environment.

Creating New Businesses

By adding new expertise to the assets we have cultivated in the construction business,
we will strive to create new businesses that will help to achieve a sustainable society.




Venture capital

Our Team

CVC Members

  • Koichi Fujita

    General Manager,
    Innovation Division,
    Value Creation Office

    Fujita joined the company in 1993. After serving as the person in charge of field affairs, branch accounting, and planning, he was stationed in four Southeast Asian countries, where he helped to launch local subsidiaries. After returning to Japan, he has been involved in M&As and preparing long-term management plans, and since April 2021, he has been in charge of customer value creation (CVC) and the creation of new businesses including renewable energy businesses.
    Interests: Overseas operations, construction modularization, tennis

  • Daisuke Sioiri

    Deputy Manager,
    Innovation Division,
    Value Creation Office

    Sioiri joined the company in 1994. When he first joined, he worked at a regional branch office and was engaged in a variety of operations including accounting, sales, sales planning, and general affairs. He started his current role in April 2022.
    Interests: The VUCA era, workstyle reform, golf

  • Misako Nishimura

    CVC Manager,
    Innovation Division,
    Value Creation Office

    Nishimura joined the company in 2022. Her goal is to promote CVC operations and business development, create new businesses, and make us more competitive in the construction businesses. In her previous job, she was involved in the management of CVC and cross-company projects in the corporate strategy office of an automaker.
    Interests: Workstyle reform, the SDGs, societal decentralization

  • Takuya Ihara

    CVC Manager,
    Innovation Division,
    Value Creation Office

    Ihara joined the company in 2017. He started his career at a regional branch office in Kyushu and was engaged in on-site administrative and construction work. He moved to the Innovation Depertment in October 2022 and is now in charge of CVC management and promoting collaboration with startups.
    Interest : Trainig, Food Tech


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