Institute of Technology

In Pursuit of Solutions with “Genuine Value”

Tokyu Construction Institute of Technology launched in 1972,
two years after the Expo ’70 held in Osaka with the theme “Progress and Harmony for Mankind.”

Evolution (innovation) we pursue is
To support towns as they change with the times and keep growing with our reliable technology
To help people realize their dreams and ideals for safe and comfortable lifestyles and vibrant urban development

We do not think in terms of single buildings,
Instead, we think of whole towns from the standpoint of customers and residents, and
we will always strive to create new value.
As a technological core of Tokyu Construction,
we at the Institute of Technology continue to explore truly valuable solutions.

Appearance of the Institute of Technology

Message from the Director

Environmental awareness related to global warming and awareness of natural disaster preparedness are increasing. In addition, the social environment surrounding us has been significantly changing due to population aging with a declining birthrate, population concentrating in urban areas, demands for renovation, maintenance and repair of infrastructure and buildings, as well as technological innovations such as digitalization and robotization. In line with these changes, our lifestyle and towns are also evolving.
Aiming at “creating comfortable living environments that allow peace of mind,” Tokyu Construction provides the best construction services that respond to these environmental changes by using the technology we have cultivated in the construction business as well as the latest technology.
As the technological think tank of Tokyu Construction, the Institute of Technology has strived to develop diverse construction technologies to create the new living environments demanded by society.
Now in the midst of rapid social change, we continue to provide construction solutions that satisfy customer needs and wants by always employing the cutting edge technology.

Executive Officer,
Director, Institute of Technology

Osamu Endo

Institute of Technology


3062-1 Tana, Chūō-ku, Sagamihara, Kanagawa 252-0244

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