Initiatives in Safety and Security

Initiatives in Safety and Security

Basic Approach

Under the strong leadership of top management, we will cooperate with all members involved in the construction business, in order to realize safe, healthy and comfortable work environments, by implementing a PDCA cycle through the united efforts of the head office, branches and work sites.

Trend in occurrence of accidents

FY 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Safety index 0.76 0.17 0.12 0.20 0.43

Safety index: √ (Frequency rate x Strength rate)

Safety and Health Policies

1.Identifying Risk

We work to prevent accidents, by identifying dangerous and injurious factors that may be hazardous sources from the standpoint of work-related health and safety.

2.Setting Priority Implementation Activities

  • Eradication of public accidents, fatal accidents and major accidents
  • Reduction of accidents due to crash and fall
  • Reduction of accidents involving construction machinery and cranes, etc.
  • Reduction of accidents due to collapse

3.Maintaining and Enhancing Physical and Mental Health

We promote the health of all our employees and those involved in construction work to create a stress-free workplace.

4.Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We clarify laws and regulations related to industrial safety and health and internal regulations, and comply therewith.

5.Systems Operation/Improvements

We operate the established Safety and Health management systems, and continuously make improvements.

6.We take initiatives regarding all of our employees and workers involved in construction work.

Activities Based on Health and Safety Management Systems

Under the Construction Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (COHSMS) operated by the Company, our head office, branches and work sites cooperate in implementing a PDCA (Plan – Do – Check – Act) cycle to promote continuous health and safety activities, in an effort to prevent industrial accidents, while also promoting worker health and the creation of comfortable work environments, with the aim of enhancing health and safety standards.

We are also working to ensure safety at worksites, by thoroughly implementing “The Tokyu Construction Ten Safety Rules.”


Collaboration with Subcontractors

Collaboration with subcontractors is essential for Safety and Health management at work sites. We carry out a variety of activities to eliminate accidents, such as operating a system to certify superior foremen as Meisters, while collaborating with the Accident Prevention Cooperative Association, comprising subcontractors engaged in our construction work.

Evolution of Safety Management

We will review our safety management system in FY 2019, and implement the following four items towards the evolution of safety management.

  1. Strengthen the safety management system by increasing top management’s participation
  2. Review the safety construction work cycle
  3. Strengthen communication
  4. Comply with the latest management systems such as the NEW COHSMS and new risk assessments, as other revisions

Status of Human Resource Development and Training

We have established a Safety and Health training system, and provide mandatory training in the form of lectures on health and safety management, in which employees are grouped into eight levels, from new employees to those in their 28th year. Rather than focusing on classroom lectures, these lectures feature expanded practical training, with the aim of raising awareness of safety, and incorporate many group discussions along with group work called “buzz sessions.” This fiscal year in particular, we are providing practical training on the themes of “hazard predictions,” “preparation of work plans,” “new risk assessments” and “accident case studies” according to years of employment.

Status of Human Resource Development and Training