For Our Employees’ Growth

For Our Employees’ Growth

Basic Approach to Increasing Job Satisfaction
in the Workplace

Tokyu Construction aims to be a group within which employees with shared values respect each other and individual work satisfaction unifies the organization into one that is highly productive. As well as respecting human rights, enhancing the employment environment and promoting diversity, we are also working to increase the ability and job satisfaction of each employee in the Tokyu Construction Group and working to become a company that helps its employees learn about the meaning of work and their existence and contributions to society through work.

Creating a Favorable Work Environment

Achieving Work-life Balance

People have diverse values regarding work-life balance. We respect our employees’ right to choose diverse lifestyles, based on the premise that they will fulfill their responsibilities and duties as employees. We are striving to improve our personnel system, primarily by examining the status of taking child/nursing care leave, using the opinions of those who have taken such leave as a reference, because we consider it essential to establish working conditions that allow employees to have such a choice.
In addition, we are formulating an action plan to enable employees to fully exercise their abilities, by creating a comfortable working environment where they are able to balance work and child rearing.

Achieving Work-life Balance
Achieving Work-life Balance

Initiatives for Work-style Reform

In April 2018, we newly established the “Work Style Reform Department.” By cooperating with the Civil Engineering Division and the Building Construction Division, we are pushing forward with initiatives aimed at work-style reforms, such as establishing a five-day work week at work sites. In July 2018, we introduced a flex-time system, a teleworking system, work intervals and other systems, not only for office workers but also for employees at work sites.

Trends in actual number of days work sites are closed
(by business of civil engineering/building construction)

As of March 2019 2019 target 2020 target 2021 target
Closed for 6 days/4 weeks
Closed for 6 days/4 weeks
Closed for 8 days/4 weeks
70% or more
Closed for 8 days/4 weeks
Closed for 6 days/4 weeks
Closed for 8 days/4 weeks
60% or more

Excluding work sites to which application is difficult

Employee Engagement

We have held an “Employee Engagement *1 Survey” for all group employees twice a year since 2018. Our organizational status, including strengths and weaknesses at the company-wide level, clarified by the results of this survey, are used by management, and the organizational status of each department, visualized at the same time, is provided as feedback to general managers, group leaders, work site managers and others as their respective organizational issues for their improvement activities. In addition, we implement management skill training for managers at various levels and results are starting to appear in the form of improvements in the organizational status of multiple departments. As a result of these efforts, in fiscal 2020 we achieved BBB, our KPI, and were selected in the top ten companies for the second year running in the “Best Motivation Company Awards 2021 - Large Company Category -,” which selects companies with a high engagement score (a deviation value representing the state of engagement) from among companies that implemented the Employee Engagement Survey of Link and Motivation Inc. (8th position in fiscal year 2020).

Human Resource Development

In order to survive competition in the construction industry, it is necessary to create “(unique) social value” that “only Tokyu Construction can provide” and continue to implement corporate culture reforms that make this possible. Needless to say, the source of those efforts will be “human resources.” At Tokyu Construction, we respect the diverse values of each individual and expect that human resources with various attributes will play active roles in appropriate positions through a fair personnel system. In addition, we are also working to enhance our educational systems so that we can use the individuality of each employee to achieve “Shinka (a step-up).”

Human Resource Development According to the Master Plan

We have defined the vision of the human resources we are looking for as “individuals who develop their career by proactively setting challenges with high aspirations and a spirit of independence,” and aim for the development of human resources with a high level of expertise, professionalism, pride, passion, ambition and perseverance. By creating a “human resource development master plan” based on this vision, and comprehensively combining on-the-job training and group training, self-development support, career development support and other programs according to career stage, we are developing an environment in which each employee can flower into their full potential and evolve into human resources who can respond to changes in the operating environment.

Education and Training Programs for Engineers

In order to raise our technical level, we provide various opportunities, including on-the-job and off-the-job training, to improve the skills of our engineers. In addition, we also actively support employees in the acquisition of qualifications such as architects and management engineers, in order to meet participation requirements in biddings, etc., and enhance corporate evaluation (business evaluation points).
In the Civil Engineering Division, new employees in the civil engineering field take part in a 10-month training program consisting of a practical curriculum, with the aim of becoming capable of responding to work site situations before being assigned to a work site. In the Building Construction Division, new employees are assigned to work sites in pairs during the first-year training period, to create an environment where they can improve by learning from each other. In addition, in order to provide support to employees who are aiming to acquire qualifications, the “First-class Registered Architects School” is provided within the Company.

Fostering Human Resources for Future Management

In order to improve the organizational issues revealed in the employee engagement survey conducted from last year, we provide management skills training for managers, as well as support for activities toward organizational improvement. In addition, as our unique initiative, we have been running a “Young Generation Project” to make use of the flexible ideas and ability to take action of our young employees, to enhance in-house and external communication.
We also have been continuing the activities of the “Shinka Management School,” where employees in various positions voluntarily participate to gain the necessary knowledge in business and management, enhance their perspectives and broaden their horizons.

Management Skills Training for Managers


We strive to create a workplace where diverse human resources can exercise their full potential, regardless of job category, generation or gender. We effectively utilize various viewpoints and values stemming from individual “differences,” in an effort to create an environment where we can respond swiftly to changing economic conditions and the demands of our customers and other stakeholders, and cultivate a corporate culture that thrives on diversity.

Ratio of women in regular/mid-career
recruitment for career-track positions

FY 2016 2017 2018 2019
Number of recruits 103 111 127 129
Number of women 20 18 22 25
Ratio of women 19.4% 16.2% 17.3% 19.4%

Number of Female Managers and Candidates

FY 2016 2017 2018
Manager Main 2 2 1
Main 1(M1) 4 3 5
C4(L) 15 22 25

As of the fiscal year-end. The letters in parentstheses indicate promotion under the form personnel system.

Promoting Women’s Success in the Workplace

Based on the results of an assessment of the present conditions and an analysis of issues, in accordance with the Act on the Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace, we have formulated an action plan that we should undertake. In accordance with this plan, we will steadily proceed with the creation of systems and establishment of working environments in which women can fully demonstrate their abilities in their professional lives.

Promoting Women’s Success in the Workplace
Promoting Women’s Success in the Workplace

Employment of Persons with Disabilities

We continue to employ people with disabilities under the philosophy of realizing an “inclusive society” where anyone can participate in society through work.

Employment rate
in 2018 2.46%

*Has remained above the legal employment rate since 2015.

Promotion of Health and Productivity Management

We have promoted health improvement initiatives and work-style reforms with a focus on the health of employees and their families. We will further strengthen these initiatives with the intention of remaining an organization that can make each employee’s dreams come true. For this purpose, we will establish the Health and Productivity Management Declaration to promote health and productivity management.