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With “Human Resources” and “Digital Technologies” as the sources of our competitive advantage, we will improve our corporate value sustainably through management centered on the three values of “Decarbonization,” “Zero Waste” and “Disaster Prevention and Mitigation.”

The construction market has seen strong demand continue to date, but contraction is expected over the medium to long term due to factors such as the decline in the domestic population. In addition, due to the impact of COVID-19 infections, values and demand are changing at rapid speed, increasing uncertainty about the business environment that surrounds us.

The group’s results have been strong thus far, but sales and profits both decreased greatly in the term ended March 2021 due to the completion of large-scale construction projects, including the redevelopment of Shibuya, and the impact of COVID-19.

In such circumstances, we formulated “VISION 2030,” our 2030 corporate vision, (“To zero, from zero. The environment and the excitement of the future”), in March 2021 based on the corporate philosophy inheriting our founding spirit and with a strong awareness of resolving social issues. In May, we announced our ten-year “Long-term management plan “To zero, from zero”” aimed at achieving this vision.

IFor this plan, we grasped the increasingly important SDGs as business opportunities, and placed the three values that we will deliver (decarbonization, zero waste and disaster prevention and mitigation), which were established based on their compatibility with our Group’s capabilities, at the core of our strategy. We have established overwhelming speed based on human resources and digital technology as the source of our competitive advantage, and at the same time, we have positioned it as a sustainability strategy that will create corporate value by increasing employee engagement through the dissemination of our philosophy and vision, and the fostering of empathy.

While solutions to global social issues such as climate change and the SDGs are also being demanded strongly for companies, we will realize sustainable improvement in corporate value by aiming to balance both social value and economic value and implementing this plan as a company “Fulfilling each individual’s dreams through the creation of a reassuring and comfortable living environment,” the contribution to society that is our purpose.

Tokyu Construction

Mitsuhiro Terada