Disclosure Policy

1.Basic Policy for Information Disclosure

We commit to disclosure of information pursuant to the regulations dictated by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and Rules Regarding Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information by the Issuer of Listed Securities (“Rules on Timely Disclosure”) stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Furthermore, we endeavor to proactively disclose information and communicate openly with our stakeholders and ensure that the information is provided in a timely, fair and transparent manner.

2.Disclosure Methods

Our Corporate Information will be released through the TD-net operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which is required under the Timely Disclosure Rules. In addition this, information will also usually be available on our website after it has been released via the channels stated above.
Any other information that may be disclosed, which is not relevant to the Timely Disclosure Rules, shall be provided on a fair and accurate basis.

3.Future Prospects

Information on this website may contain descriptions of performance and predictions of future prospects; the information cited there is based on the information available at the time of its publication.
Please note that the actual results my vary based on a variety of factors, such as changes in economic conditions, market trends, and stated earnings forecasts.


Information disclosed as part of the Company’s IR activities and Management Policy is intended to facilitate the understanding of our financial data, and should not be considered for the purpose of soliciting investment.
In addition, we pay close attention to the information that is published on our website and we do not assume any responsibility for wrong information, falsified data hosted on a third party site, or any damages caused from downloading such information.