Corporate Philosophy and Vision

Corporate Philosophy

  • Purpose

    Our contribution to society

    Fulfilling each individual’s dreams through the creation of a reassuring and comfortable living environment.
  • Management Policy

    Core management principles to foster continuous, positive development of Tokyu Construction

    Seek out new challenges.
    Maximize the potential of our human resources.
    Place the customer at the center of our activities.
    Be fair and transparent in all our dealings.
  • Code of Conduct

    Essential values all staff should strive to implement in their daily lives



The basic philosophy of Tokyu Construction is to make full use of our expertise in Infrastructure Development Technology to provide solutions that correspond to problems faced by our customers, and looking to create more such consumer-oriented* companies in the future.

To this effect, corresponding to the increasingly diverse sense of values required in the residential living and business sector, we will continue to provide products and services that are of value to consumers

Additionally, assisting in the realization of a customer’s dream is meaning for our lives and gives our work meaning. We wish to contribute to the society by realizing the dreams of every individual to the best of our ability.

Customers are defined as people who are the intended end users and spend their life in social and cultural production activities (for example, a Condominium Owner and Users of Public Facilities, i.e. Taxpayers).

Management Policy

Our Corporate Philosophy describes the set of values needed when establishing an operational system, keeping sustainable development in mind. These values are not intended only at the managerial level, but to also serve as a guideline for the operations of each department.

  1. We constantly aspire towards a higher goal, aiming to predict the latest trends, and to explore the newest developments in the industry, continuously challenging the norm. Our commitment to increasing revenue and the satisfaction of shareholders ensures constant innovation of our system of operations.
  2. Our most important fundamental resource is people, and we believe that investing in people motivated to take on challenges, in turn helps in the growth of the company, yielding promising results. We believe that respecting the work and value people bring to the organization will help us inherit and spread knowledge, technology and expertise, arming us for the challenges the future might bring.
  3. We always strive to be conscious of customer needs, fair market principles, and technological advancements, providing value as a consumer-oriented* company. All our efforts are dedicated to enhance customer satisfaction to the maximum.
  4. We endeavour to provide fair and open management of our operations through live information, thus providing clarity to customers as well as employees, and establishing a vibrant corporate culture.

Code of Conduct

We will support this kind of behavior.

  1. Act without conflicting with the Corporate Philosophy, act independently, select an action in accordance with the beliefs of the company, take responsibility for the results.
  2. In order to never miss an opportunity, take swift action and arrive at speedy decisions.
  3. Mutually recognize each other, enhance each other, work towards the same goal and become proficient and succeed as a team and revel in the joy of getting the job done.
  4. In order to earn the trust of the customers, work sincerely and ensure that the customer is satisfied.


Tokyu Construction Group announced its new corporate vision,
“VISION 2030,” in March 2021.

To zero, from zero. The environment and the excitement of the future.

For the environment with “To zero,” for inspiration with “From zero”

“To zero” means our endeavor to achieve zero carbon and zero waste. “From zero” means our endeavor to tackle challenges in new fields. Through “To zero,” we aim to contribute to the environment and through “From zero,” we aim to deliver inspiration, pushing forward toward our goal of contributing to a sustainable society and enhancing our corporate value. This is a message with strong awareness of providing returns to our various stakeholders, and shows the unfading vision the group will aim for over the next ten years, exciting the current and future generations of employees in a business environment of increasing uncertainty.
In formulating this vision, in addition to discussions over about five months on a project comprising about 50 employees, from management to young employees, we reflected knowledge gained through dialogue with outside directors.

Schematic Diagram of Tokyu Construction’s Philosophy

The company believes that the purpose (Mission Statement) it has been led to by the spirit of its founding and the shared values in its organization and actions (Management Philosophy and Code of Conduct) are the most important foundations for the creation of sustainable corporate value.
The future business environment is becoming increasingly uncertain and traditional problem-solving approaches that solve emerging issues are reaching their limits. The company has raised the vision it will aim for in 2030 (VISION2030) as a vision-driven approach and formulated a long-term management plan to achieve that.
For the long-term management plan, we grasped the increasingly important SDGs as business opportunities, considered their compatibility with the company’s capabilities, and established three values that we will deliver: “[1] decarbonization; [2] zero waste; and [3] disaster prevention and mitigation.” Centered on these values, we will enhance “human resources” and “digital technology” as sources of competitive advantage and implement sustainable management that solves social issues and creates economic value through it. We will provide value to stakeholders (customers, business partners, employees, their families, shareholders, and society) through all our business activities.

In addition, centered on the young people who will shoulder the future of the company, we drew a picture of the world of 2050 beyond VISION2030 as a moon-shot. At the present time, this is a world of dreams, but as stated in the company’s purpose (Mission Statement), “Fulfilling each individual’s dreams through the creation of a reassuring and comfortable living environment,” we will go beyond the framework of the construction industry and will never stop moving toward the realization of everybody’s dreams.
And we renewed the Tokyu Construction brand message encompassing the above in March 2021.