Mid-Term Management Plan (2018-2020): Shinka 2020

The Mid-Term Management Plan (2018-2020): Shinka 2020, which was formulated in March 2018, refers to the final process for actualizing our corporate vision of being “a general contractor that continues to embody Shinka,” which was established in 2011 for the milestone of 2020, as well as the start of efforts to achieve “Our Ideals for 2026—The Company We Hope to Be in 2026.”

Basic Policy

  1. Transforming our human resources and organization to elicit employee motivation and capabilities

    We will become a company where employees can feel job satisfaction. To realize this vision, we will improve our HR training system to develop the capabilities of every employee and reform our personnel system and work practices to foster a corporate culture where people can fully realize their capabilities.

  2. Reinforcing the domestic construction business with a customer- centered perspective and problem-solving skills

    We will reorganize to establish a system based on the customer’s perspective. For the enforcement and expansion of our business ability, we will keep strengthening problem-solving skills, secure safety and quality, decrease environmental burden, improve productivity, and work on cost-reduction.

  3. Promoting the diversification of revenue sources by expanding strategic businesses

    We will diversify revenue sources focusing on the improvement of corporate value as well as the development of overseas operations, real estate business, PPP/Concession business, and agricultural business (paprika business), etc. to prepare for the shrinking market in the future.

  4. Shoring up our management and financial foundations in support of heightened profitability

    We aim to augment profitability through business development and diversify our sources of revenue. At the same time, learning from past mistakes we will build sound corporate governance structures and frameworks. This system will maintain a record of return of equity (ROE) that exceeds shareholders’ equity costs to seek for the improvement of corporate value and a strong financial structure that can cope with the changing environment.

Urban Solutions Business

The Urban Solutions Business was developed by putting our plans into practice, while considering the changes in our business environment from 2020, as well as the strengths of our Group.

Strategic Direction Based on Changes in Business Environment

General picture of the urban solutions business and necessary actions

Please see the following for details about urban solutions business.