Business Field

Our Group focuses on civil engineering and building construction as core businesses. We are also working on new pillars of strategical businesses including real estate and international businesses to increase competitiveness and diversify revenue sources. We aim to enhance our corporate value in a sustainable manner through the development of a stable management foundation.

Civil Engineering Business

We establish national land infrastructure that ensures safety and security in people’s daily lives. Furthermore,
we are proactively engaged in environment-related fields.

Railways, roads, tunnels, bridges, and other construction, reconstruction work after earthquakes, etc.

Business Overview

Major Works

Building Construction Business

We engage in community-based urban development throughout Japan,
such as development of Tama Garden City and redevelopment in Shibuya.

Construction of commercial facilities, hotels, offices, housing, factories, hospitals,
and distribution centers, renovation and wooden building construction

Business Overview

Major Works

Real Estate Business

We pursue an area strategy in such places as the areas surrounding stations along Tokyu train lines.
This is done in cooperation with Tokyu Group companies,
focusing on acquisition of properties and on the rental business by taking advantage of the characteristics of our core construction business.

Rental business, equivalent exchange business, etc.

International Business

Making the most of the skills and know-how that we have cultivated, we engage in business in Southeast and South Asian countries, including Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Bangladesh.

Development of railways and roads, construction of high rise buildings and factories

Other Business

We are redoubling our efforts in the PPP/concession business and
the paprika business as new business domains.

PPP/concession business, Paprika business