Brand Message

Town Value-up ManagementWe do not think in terms of single buildings,
Instead, we think of whole towns from the standpoint of customers and residents,
and we will always strive to create new value.

Origin of Tokyu Construction
Urban Development of Shibuya and along the Tokyu line, including Tama Garden City.

We stand at the beginning, from the planning and proposal of new construction,
to their renewal and reconstruction, continually involved in the life cycle of the city,
Instead of looking at buildings in isolation, always considering the view of customers,
consumers and the town as a whole, we will always strive to create new objects of value.

Origin of Tokyu Construction’s Brand Message “Town Value-up Management”Tokyu Tama Garden City Development Projects

Development of Tokyu Tama Garden City

By the Tokyu Group in 1959 and is one of the largest and most successful private sector development projects undertaken in Japan.
Located along the railway lines from Kajigaya Station to Chūō-Rinkan Station on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line, it covers a vast area of about 5,000ha, extending across four blocks in four cities. Fields along the Tsurumi-Onda River coast are set between the four blocks to provide a beautiful relief from the monotony of a city and town landscape.

Before development
Before development
  1. 1st Block

    Beginning of Tama Garden City
    Development Kawasaki City, extending from Kajigaya to Saginuma

  2. 2nd Block

    Quiet Residential Area and Shopping Zone, Yokohama City, extending from Tama-plaza to Ichigao

  3. 3rd Block

    Around the Aobadai Station Yokohama City,
    extending from Fujigaoka to Tana

  4. 4th Block

    Spanning the three cities of Yokohama, Machida, and Yamato City, extending from Nagatsuta to Chūō-Rinkan

Utsukushigaoka:<br>Pre-development (1953)
Pre-development (1953)
Utsukushigaoka:<br>Under development (1965)
Under development (1965)
Utsukushigaoka Housing Construction<br>nearing completion (1976)
Utsukushigaoka Housing Construction
nearing completion (1976)

Green City

One of the features of Tama Garden City is that it is a “Green City”. During the construction-zoning stage, the design of the town was intended to blend in with the natural, lush landscape. As the residential areas aged, they continued to earn the title of “Garden City” – keeping the landscape as natural and green as it ever was.

A tree lined avenue
A tree lined avenue
The green belt provided alongside the front yard of residences
The green belt provided alongside the front yard of residences

Starting with 10,000 inhabitants, the region has slowly been transformed into accommodating about 60 million people – making “Tokyu Tama Garden City“ an unparalleled large-scale new town.

Grandberry Mall (2000, on completion)
Grandberry Mall (2000, on completion)
Tama-Plaza Station (2010, on completion)
Tama-Plaza Station (2010, on completion)

From the very beginning of the project, until now, we have been promoting a life of ease and harmony with the environment for over half a century.
Our aim is to make Tama Garden City an urban development project that fully meets the needs of the consumers.
Tokyu Construction strives to continue making contributions to evolve and increase the value of the city in partnership with the local residents.