The Company We Hope to Be in 2026

The Company We Hope to Be in 2026

We will do our utmost to deliver true value based on a vibrant corporate culture, with the aim of becoming a corporate group that can cope with the changing environment. We have the management and financial foundations in place to withstand business risks, and build a highly profitable business portfolio that is not solely reliant on the domestic construction business.

Quantitative Targets of “Our Ideals for 2026
—The Company We Hope to Be in 2026”

In order to complete the Mid-Term Management Plan (2018-2020): Shinka 2020, and achieve “Our Ideals for 2026,” we have proceeded steadily with various initiatives in fiscal year 2018, including the introduction of an indicator of “employee engagement,” as well as monitoring of our human resource and organizational reforms.

KPIs for the Realization of Goals

Sales, composition ratio, and operating income margin

Investment plan